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Home Visits

We provide eye tests in Scotland which are COMPLETELY FREE to everyone and glasses where required at AFFORDABLE PRICES.

We realise that some people are not able to travel to their local opticians. That’s where we come in, visiting you in your home providing professional and affordable eyecare.

Full eye examination including:

  • Ophthalmoscopy – Your pupil is the window to your eye and by applying drops to dilate your pupil we use an Ophthalmoscope which is like a fancy torch to shine light into your eye to identify disease or even occasionally certain general health conditions like diabetes or hypertension.
  • Retinoscopy – Once more by using a similar torch-like instrument called a Retinoscope, we can find a starting point for your prescription. The Optometrist then can modify this starting prescription and supply you with glasses if required.
  • Tonometry – It is important to measure the pressure of your eye. Abnormally high pressure can lead to glaucoma which in some cases can be sight-threatening.
  • Dispensing Service – At the Home Eye Test Company, we can provide glasses for everyone. Whether you are on benefits and require FREE GLASSES we have a range of over 100 FREE GLASSES or indeed you require private glasses, our complete range starts from £39.
  • All types of Spectacles provided
    • Single Vision
    • Bifocals
    • Varifocals
    • High Index

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