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Occupational (Computer) Glasses

For the vast majority of customers, general purpose varifocals are the convenient solution to separate pairs of glasses. Varifocals lenses combine a wide area for distance (driving and TV) with a smaller transition zone for intermediate (computer/ dashboard) and near (reading/ phones ).

If you work with computers for more than 1-2 hours a day you may complain of distorted vision or eye strain and discomfort. This can be coupled with a sore neck due to constant head and neck movement to see through the correct part of the lens.

The solution for you may be occupational lenses!

These lenses eliminate the distance zone used in general purpose varifocals and therefore able to enlarge the intermediate and near zone.

Occupational varifocals allow for a more natural and comfortable head and neck position reducing the risk of posture related issues. This allows for clearer intermediate and near vision for the tasks at your desk. This  makes it easier to switch focus between your monitor, keyboard and documents. They are also great for sheet music on music stands!

We can tailor specific working distance for your intermediate tasks to 1.3m, 2.0m and 4m depending on the layout of your workspace.

As occupational varifocals can not be used for driving it is always best to either have a separate set of driving glasses if required or wear in conjunction with general purpose varifocals.

With all quality lenses we would recommend your lenses are customised to reduce glare by including an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from screens and overhead lighting to further minimise eye strain.

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It is important o have your occupational varifocals fitted correctly and prescribed by our optometrist ensuring all your visual needs are delivered. We can do this for you at either our Cambuslang, Tollcross of Duke Street Specsdirect2U branches.

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