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OCT Scans in Glasgow

What is an OCT Scan?

An Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan captures a highly detailed 3D image of the back of the eye.

This OCT scan is a more accurate process than the conventional fundus camera used in most optometric practices in Scotland and until recently OCT scans were mostly carried out in hospital eye departments.

An OCT scan is a simple and pain-free procedure which produces a 3D image with significantly higher resolution than other optical imaging technology.

Why Choose SpecsDirect2u?

Unlike many of our high street competitors, we do not add an additional charge for an OCT Scan. With the average price currently at £40, this is a great reason to choose us!

We have a full understanding of the benefits of an OCT Scan. Benefits we don’t believe anyone should be removed from.

Our highly trained, friendly team will be more-than-happy to conduct your next OCT Scan at any of our three clinics found across Glasgow.

Easily Identify Conditions Such As:

​Age-related macular degeneration:

A common condition that affects the middle part of your eye and vision.

Diabetic retinopathy:

A complication of diabetes that affects the eye.


A condition where the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, becomes damaged.

Retinal detachment:

When the retina, which is a thin layer at the back of the eye becomes loose.

All of the above conditions can be serious and lead to sight loss if not detected and treated efficiently.

OCT scans are not part of the free NHS eye examination in Scotland. However, at Specsdirect2u, we do not charge for this extra test.

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